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 It automatically tests motor car's air spring-rubber bellow's function, performance and characteristics.
Automatic Train Stop System is a safety device to stop the train automatically when a train is running over a designated speed limit. ATS compares the indicated speed received from ground equipment with running speed of the train. If a train exceeds the speed limit, a warning signal is released to drivers, and thereafter if the drivers do not take proper actions within 5 seconds, ATS makes the train stop through emergency braking devices for preventing accidents.

- To stop a train if it is running over the speed limit,
  comparing theindicated speed from ground equipment
  with actual speed from a  speed detector.
- To release warning signal to drivers if a train is running
  over a speed limit.
- To stop a train by an emergency braking device if proper
  action is not taken by rivers within 5 seconds after
  warning signal.
- To control speed of a train through checking running
  speed of  a train by multi-stage under signaling

-  To prevent collusion accident due to overspeed running
   from signal misconception.
-  To ensure safe transportation for railway passengers.
-  To prevent unexpected accidents due to sudden
   physical disability of drivers.
   To ensure safe train operation under such bad weather
   as heavy rain, big snow,  thick fog.

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