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Automatic Train Protection, Control & Stop (ATPCS) upgraded from ATS (Automatic Train Stop) is a system
that activates train brakes automatically, when a locomotive passes through a red signal or runs over
the limited speed. ATPCS is a redundancy system and introduces Distance-Go by utilizing on-board memories
(beacon DB) which are included of beacons and rail conditions. As this system is specially designed for the
connecting TKR(Train Korea reailroad) and TCR(Train China railroad, when it come true, ATPCS can be the
solution to solve the various signal problem. ATS, the origin device of ATPCS, was successfully and exclusively
supplied ATS systems for all locomotives running on Korean National Railroad (KORAIL) Lines Since 1987

- One system implements Three signal functions - ATP, ATC and ATS
- Recording of driving information GPS with MMI display
- inform limited speed, forward track condition and aimed distance
- Maintain driving record and Taking self diagnosis system before departure

- To upgrade FAIL-SAFE system with double checking of master slaves
- To satisfy the function of Euro Balise standard
- To extend coverage of the national railway and high speed railway modifying or adding the board through
  system module and data bus
- No need of changing the train signal device in case a coast to coast rail way

ATPS for controlling train using data communication Issued Patent in 2003

Testing Tilting Train (TTX) of Korea Railway Research Institute

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