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VVVF Converter/Inverter Tester
As a main conversion equipment it changes AC25,000V into DC15,000V and provide it to the electricity resources of the motor car, as for the VVVF C/I, it is a tester equipment that confirms the control signal output of the Inverter Gate, control signal output of the Converter Gate, and the protection action sequency.

Internal pressure Tester(3kVA)
It is an internal pressure test equipment in order to receive the common AC voltage and test the electrical instruments' internal pressure.

Supersonic Inspector
In the state when vehicle body and wheel axle are separated, in the way of not damaging the wheel axle, this equipment detects the defect of the wheel axle by supersonic inspection. It consists a group together with the wheel axle abrasion equipment.

Magnetic particle examination
As for motor car's each rigid body parts' face, this test equipment can detect the crack buy using magnetic , it works according to the order of magnetization->the application of magnetic -> observation-> omission.

Lighting Arrester Tester
This tester works in order to test motor car's lightning arrester's performance; it is equipment that measures the V/1mA measuring test, current leak and insulation resistance.

Circuit Breaker Tester
As for the contact breaker of motor car, the equipment can test if there exits disorder or not by some tests such as confirmation of the cut of the current, the action according to the excite coil and the release test.

Relay Tester
This equipment is designed to measure action, release test, electrical current break test, coil resistance measuring and contact point contact resistance's function for motor car's relay.

Radio Instrument Tester
Radio instrument tester can test the function and performance of all motor car's emergency radio equipment, such as frequency characteristic test/complex sensitivity test/rating electric current test/sound output level test of motor guide radio equipment, central controller, side controller and output amplifier.

Charger and Discharger
Charger and discharger are designed to charge and discharge the storage battery for the battery use carriage vehicles in the base for electrical current use transformer, voltage adjuster, electrical current element and so on.

Air Spring Tester
It automatically tests motor car's air spring-rubber bellow's function, performance and characteristics.

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