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Signal System Business for ensuring train safety and giving optimal gap of time in between trains
Shalom is successful localization of the ATS. We will prepare the continent railway to develop signal system
of the railway connecting South and North Korea, China, and Russia for the future. Shalom has primary position
in national signal and safe system.

+ Automatic Train Stop System(ATS)
+ Automatic Train Protection & Stop System(ATPS)
+ Automatic Train Protection, Control &stop System(ATPCS)
+ ATC/ATO Cab Equipment(ATC/O)
+ Communication Based Train Control(CBTC)

System Business; Convenient and safe inspection of electric devices in train
Prevent inspectors from accidents like electric shock. Reduce time and labor powers. Compile databases
of inspecting result. Having all these things, Shalom is on the cutting edge of train inspection in Korea.

+ Automatic Train Testing System(ATTS)
+ Integrated Train Inspecting System(ITIS) (Inspection of pantograph & wheel)
+ Testers

Training system business: driving and getting used to it
To develop skills of driving and abilities of handling with breakdowns, Shalom’s train driving simulator
gives drivers an instruction how to drive and handle with breakdowns.

+Train Driving Simmulator(TDS)

Keep the safety of train by using wireless communication systems
Because of long braking distances, train accidents cannot be easily found with the naked eyes.
Shalom’s safety system gives a solution to notice an accident quickly and to prevent chain accidents.

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