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ATTS provides remote monitoring and diagnostic services checking train operation in real-time.  The services are based on hardware, software, people, and process.  This intelligent, onboard system is continuously checking train conditions, collecting and processing critical operating data.  The data of the train operation is going through the cables and other communication devices to the ground system.  Consequently, we can identify upcoming load failures, diagnose potential problems, and suggest repair and maintenance items.

· To execute comprehensive functions and performance test of electric multiple units comprising 4 cars,
  6 cars, 8 cars, or 10 cars.
· To inspect and remedy mal-functions or inferior performance of an onboard Train Information System or
  a Train Control & Management System.
· To improve safety of a train by predicting train trouble factors and performing preventative maintenance.
· To enhance work efficiency by systemizing inspection and test jobs, the amount of which have been
  increased due to the increased a number of trains.
· To overcome traditional technology limitations by an updated train diagnosis system.
· To allow computerized management by train set through comprehensive analysis of inspection process
  management database by a test program.
· To supplement experts void owing to dangerous job aversion and aging workers.

· Comprehensive automatic train test by car or train set
· Function test for electric equipment prior to and after train operation  Major devices test by a unit
· Tracing inspection of performance changes of electric equipment
· Trouble prediction by performance database of electric equipment
· Training support of inspection and maintenance technology for electric multiple units
· Tracing inspection and computerized management of performance changes of electric multiple units

· Device for automatically inspection system of train / Issued Patent in 1998
· A certificate of EM from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2003
· A certificate of Excellent Product from Public Procurement Service in 2004
· A certificate of NEP from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2005

Pusan Hopo Depot, Nopo Depot, Daeja Depot, Bundang Bundang Depot, Ansan Siheung Depot,
Suwon Byeongjeom Depot, Daejeon Panam Depot, Seoul Imun Depot, Incheon Gyulhyeon Depot
Gyeongyi Line Munsan Depot

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