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ITIS is a system that manages a life span of pantographs, wheels and rooftop equipment of trains by computers. This is not dependent on simple testers or visual checks by human beings. Main aims are stable operation of trains and systematic prediction of replacing times of consumables.
The state of pantographs is checked and identified automatically by cameras and a picture processing system, monitoring abrasion, metamorphosis and damage of them. The cracks and abrasions of wheels are detected by analyzing ultrasonic and shock waves of wheels with equipment and sensors installed on rails. And the damage of rooftop equipment on a train and some fallen substances are monitored by CCD (Charge Coupled Device) cameras installed at proper positions.
All inspections are executed in real-time during train operation and the results of inspections can be managed and analyzed by an integrated management system.

- Automatic system on/off functions : The latest unmanned system not requiring normal staffs  
  as the total system is ready for automatic measurements by sensors when a train comes in and out
- Minimum maintenance : Strong durability of sensors and control panel equipment
- Automatical wheel flat detecting system : Accurate measurement of impacts on wheels and rails by highly
  sensitive vibration acceleration meters
- Automatic pantograph shoe defects detection : Automatic picture acquisition of pantograph shoes by digital
  cameras, accurate measurements of wear, deformation, damage of shoes
- Data storage and management flexibility : Easy data storage and management as data measured by
  computers are stored in each module
- Construction by module : Easy operation and maintenance due to the independent module construction
- Stable computer system : Stable system operation by using Windows NT

- Increased safety for inspectors of high voltage electric wires
- Safety enhancement for passengers
- Fast and accurate detection of wheel flats and pantograph shoe defects
- Rapid response to accidents
- Maximum use of pantograph shoes
- Longer life of railway materials like wheels, rails, etc.
- Easy history management of trains

- KT certificate of from Ministry of Science and Technology in 1999
- New technology certificate from Ministry of Commerce,
- Industry and Energy in 1999
- KT certificate from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2000
- “Device for automatically inspecting abrasion of train wheel”, “Apparatus for detecting
   abnormal state of pantograph of electric rail car”, “Apparatus for detecting abnormal
   state of wheel and pantograph of electric rail car” Issued Patents in 2003

KORAIL Byeongjeom Depot, AREK Yongyu Depot, Metro9 Kimpo Depot
1) Pantograph Inspecting System & Rooftop Monitoring System
2) Wheel Flat Detecting System
3) Wheel Profile inspecting System

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