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TDS is the most cost-effective training solution, designed and developed for basic and advanced drivers training. The primary purpose of TDS is “Safety through effective training.” A high level of safety can be achieved when drivers are ready for emergency or dangerous situation. A well-trained driver possesses knowledge of safety that allows him to respond correctly to emergency situation. A full equipped simulator with virtual reality can be a solution for well-trained drivers. Experience is the best teacher. The well-trained drivers are a key to the safety of railway system.

Before the introduction of TDS, train drivers had to be trained with just taken video film. However, Shalom Engineering introduced computer graphic screen for the first time in Korea and increased realism through the integration of algorithm of screen, sound, dynamics with mapping engine. Also, the newly launched systems - front head department, simulation compartment, total function motion system give us hands-on experience in same situation of real driving

- Retraining new and existing drivers
- Analyzing train and operation features
- Reducing test operation period and cost
- Improving ability of coping with accidents by various scenarios such as break down, crash, bad weather,
  fall down and fire
- Operating safe and effectively by being familiar with characteristics of train and sections with a short period 
- Practicing real rescue with rescue connection cab 
- Simulation platform including PSD for driver training  
- Driver screen system to observe the front in driving
- Experience of the communicating system with perfect modeling

Train Simulator / Issued Patent in 2002

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